Lao Khao at The Black Cat

Complimentary for all guests who are staying with us, Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection offers Memorable Rituals to bring you closer to Bangkok’s soul.

Every day at 5 pm – 6 pm, we invite you to our mysterious whiskey bar, The Black Cat on the lobby level for a special ‘Lao Khao' shot.

‘Lao khao’ (translated to white spirit) is a rural white rum, made from local sugarcane that are a much-kept secret within The Black Cat walls. It has been enjoyed throughout Thailand for decades, giving both completion and clarity to the day. The drink is enjoyed in its shot form as almost a finale of one moment, and to give pretext to the next one! Pair it with pickled local fruits to have the sour and salty taste ease the sharp flavor of Lao Khao!

Join us every day and begin your evening with us, perhaps as a prelude to something more in Bangkok'78, subsequent further nightcaps in The Black Cat or to prepare you for your red-eye adventure of the city that never sleeps!