Roam Bangkok's Alleyways & Discover Its Secrets

Recognized as a place of captivating contrasts, Bangkok is a city that is always on the move and deep-rooted in the past. Roam the city's soi alleyways and discover its secrets one by one. Let Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection your Bangkok travel guide and walk you through the things to do in Bangkok. From art galleries and antique stores to must-go Bangkok sightseeing spots, fun hidden nooks are everywhere.

Shopping Malls In Bangkok

Discover the best shopping malls in Bangkok, accessible via the BTS SkyTrain, offering a diverse array of shopping experiences from opulent international luxury brands to unique local designer products.


In between quiet pockets of greenery and the frenetic hum of soi alleyways, there is also a diverse mix of art and cultures in Bangkok.

Public Transportation

BTS SkyTrain, MRT Subway, Tuk Tuk, cars and taxis. There are plenty of transportation options around Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection, connecting you from one place to the other with ease.

Exhibition & Convention Centers

Make the most of your hasty business trip to Bangkok and connect to the city's popular exhibition and convention centers within less than 1 hour.

Hospitals & Medical Centers

In addition to its location near BTS Stations, our hotel is conveniently surrounded by first-class hospitals and medical centers.


HarborLand, a large colorful indoor playground for your little ones at Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection!