The Black Cat

Often misunderstood as unlucky, the black cat indeed brings blessings in many cultures; to cross paths with a black cat is considered to be prosperous.

The Black Cat is a Thai whiskey bar with many secrets untold, a place for chit-chat over a drink and the purrfect place for a prowl, hidden close to the lobby of Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok. Serving signature concoctions inspired by the tales of cats around the globe, partnered with Thailand’s favorite small bar-bites.

The Black Cat’s signature cocktails are named after auspicious Thai cats such as Korn Ja – The Black Cat and Wichien Maat – The Siamese Cat who are believed to bring luck to their owners. The signature mocktails are inspired by world-renowned fictional cats like ‘Bastet’ and ‘Garfield’.

The Black Cat also offer selections of Thai and international spirits, classic cocktails, beers and wines with cozy and friendly ambience.

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Seating capacity: 40 Seats

Open daily; 3 pm - midnight