Chef’s Creations: Best of the Best

Bangkok’78 retro Thai restaurant brings a time-limited chef’s creations menu curated throughout 2023 by Chef Golf, our executive chef, back by popular demand. Indulge in nine of the best dishes from Southern Thai, Mae Klong Delicacy, and Chef Golf's best dishes from Top Chef Thailand 2023!

The highlight menu includes steamed curried fish with crab meat and seepweed leaves, Baegu leaves stir-fried with eggs and crispy shrimps, Thai glutinous rice balls in coconut milk and more. Feast on Chef Golf's special menu featured on Top Chef Thailand 2023, steamed squid stuffed with minced pork and seabass ice cream with palm sugar sauce.

Exclusively available from February – March 2024 only!


Chef Golf's Highlight Menu From Top Chef Thailand 2023

Seabass Ice Cream with Turmeric and Shallot Topped with Palm Sugar Caramel Sauce, Crunchy Oats, Cornflakes, and Pumpkin Seeds

Spicy Seepweed Leaf Salad with Minced Pork and Boiled Egg

Baegu Leaves Stir-fried with Eggs and Crispy Shrimps

Grouper Soup with Shrimp Paste, Tamarind, Ginger, White Pepper, and Shallot

Steamed Stuffed Squid with Minced Pork and Italian Basil Sauce

Fried Sun-Dried Beef Tongue with Dried Chili Sauce

Steamed Curried Fish with Crab Meat and Seepweed Leaves

Fried River Prawns with Tomalley, Fish sauce and Crispy Garlic

Thai Glutinous Rice Balls in Coconut Milk with Taro, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, and Young Coconut

Siam Lanna Gin & Siam Lanna Eastside Cocktail